The Portlanders behind the brands you love.

We are:

The Portlanders behind the brands you love.

A collective celebrating local goods and Portland’s entrepreneurial makers, with educational events to help grow businesses.


Discover & Grow.

Discover quality local goods from diverse manufacturers—or grow your own business.

Local Brands

Business Growth


Clay Factor Ceramics

Minu makes beautiful every day pieces from clay sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest and materials sourced in the west coast.

Thread & Whisk

Meri and Carey make thoughtfully-designed bags and aprons with quality materials for the foodies of the world.


Bolster Furniture

Meet Jamison, SE-Portland based designer and fabricator of custom furniture and fixtures.


Who We Are.

Portland Made is a collective of local entrepreneurs who make exceptional products for the greater good. Our community fosters important connections and actionable resources to grow the businesses of our members, and contribute to a better Portland.



Years in the community

Powered by local entrepreneurs and the creative community.



Educational events

Pop-ups, marketplaces, and workshops that foster better local businesses.



Local companies engaged

Working with emerging entrepreneurs in fields ranging from food & beverage to media and service.


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No waiting lists. No applications. If you’re interested, you’re invited.

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Portland Made members participate in valuable workshops and talks covering a variety of contemporary business strategies.



Strategic advice on catching the attention of the public, media, and people of influence with resonant storytelling, campaigns that stand out from the crowd, and mission-driven outreach.


Prioritizing advertising that increases sales and awareness for your brand through platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. Ensuring that your advertising efforts are yielding the highest return on investment.


Simplifying finances so you can focus on your brand, products, and customers. From bank loans to seed rounds, from payroll to paycheck. Make use of the modern tools at your disposal, and put money to work inside your business.


Growing your business visibility by workshopping best practices, content strategies, and community engagement mechanisms—and learning how to strategize around your audience analytics.


Learning how to get on shelf, and knowing how to perform once you get there. Understanding promotional avenues, performance metrics, and the expectations customers and retail buyers have when it comes to what products belong in their carts.


Growing your product from a small studio, kitchen, or garage means training, developing best practices, taking risk, and making a mistake or ten along the way. Learn from those who’ve been there, and conquer the logistical challenges challenging your business.

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Our events create space for makers to grow.

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-Director, Portland Made

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Attend a Pop-Up

Tour local maker spaces, learn professional skills from special guest presenters, network with your peers, and maybe have a glass of wine.

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Members gain free access to our events, special perks, get featured in our directory, and are introduced to valuable resources to grow their businesses.

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Our sponsors support emerging Portland brands, tap into our influential circle of entrepreneurs, and earn respect within the community.