Revant Optics


Jason Bolt was shredding on his mountain bike back in 2010 when he crashed hard. He saved his face but the lenses in his favorite sunglasses weren’t so lucky. When he looked into buying replacement lenses, he hit a brick wall—the company didn’t offer them for his frames.

So Jason took matters into his own hands, researching where the best sport sunglasses were made and ordering replacement lenses straight from the manufacturer. And since they wouldn’t sell him just one pair, he bought a batch of 200. He kept a few pairs for himself and with the other 197, launched his first collection, selling them directly to people online. This meant he could cut out the mark-ups of the middleman and have greater control over quality.

In 2017, Revant started manufacturing in the USA — creating dozens of jobs cutting and testing hundreds of lenses a day from our Portland, Oregon headquarters.