Portland is full of doers. We build, craft and create. We cut, weld and sew.
We design, manufacture, and work.

Portland Made is a local goods collective, and a discovery place for our region’s Makers.


Watch our video for a taste of Portland’s local Maker and Manufacturer scene.

Our Team

  • Jim Hassert

  • Company Description

    Jim Hassert is Director and Co-owner of Portland Made. In 2001 Jim accepted a production assistant job at Resource Revival, a small Portland based maker of recycled bicycle part products. Over the next 10 years he became a co-owner and learned everything he could about operating a successful small business. In 2013 he was brought on as Chief Operations Officer at Grovemade, a position he still holds today. He loves helping passionate makers succeed and looks forward to serving the broader maker community as PMC's Director.

  • Sarah Toor

  • Company Description

    Sarah Toor is the Marketing & Program Manager and Co-owner of Portland Made. With a strong background in graphic design, photography, and marketing, Sarah is passionate about communication design and the impact a well-curated message can have. For over a decade she has helped small, local businesses put their best foot forward, bringing her problem-solving, imagination, and efficiencies to the table. On a more personal note Sarah enjoys a good puzzle, editing audio, photographing faces, and playing Taiko.

  • Kelley Roy

  • Company Description

    Kelley Roy is the Founder of Portland Made and ADX. A visionary and entrepreneur, her ventures have attracted attention from local, statewide and national organizations. Kelley presents at numerous public engagements and was invited to present at the Clinton Global Initiative America to strategize with national leaders about expanding the scope and reach of public workshop facilities across the country.



Portland Made provides resources and support to Portland’s Makers & Manufacturers.
Stronger together, we are Portland Made.