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MadeHere PDX

Portland Made contributing writer Peggy Acott sat down with MadeHere PDX co-owner John Connor to find...

By Portland Made / June 30, 2015

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Red Duck Foods

For a long, long time, whether you were at a cookout, restaurant or grocery store, mustard was the yellow...

By Peggy / June 19, 2015

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Being on a conference call with Sara Tunstall and Dana Hinger, the co-owners of Spooltown, is like a jolt...

By Portland Made / June 11, 2015

From Inside Portand's Maker Movement
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ADX Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

Did you know that ADX has it's own in house Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing Services Department?...

By Portland Made / July 24, 2015

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Save the Central Eastside!

by Kelley Roy We are experiencing in the Central Eastside what many industrial neighborhoods in the east...

By Portland Made / July 11, 2015

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Consumers are our biggest investors

By Kelley Roy My mantra of late is "Consumers are the biggest and best investors for Portland's Maker...

By Kelley / July 7, 2015