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Tiffany Anne Jewelry is made for diverse and creative women that want to feel effortlessly beautiful every day. The collection is delicate, classic and on-trend helping you go from office to date night and outfit to outfit seamlessly. Each piece is handcrafted from recycled fine metals and responsibly sourced natural stones. You can shop the complete collection online or join Tiffany at one of her jewelry making classes and events around the Portland area.

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Herkimer Diamond Stud Earrings

By Tiffany Anne Jewelry

Elegance with an edge– Herkimer diamond studs remind you to embody your brilliance. These raw stones show up in the world completely natural with flaws and inclusions yet brilliantly sparkle and never apologize for their imperfections. Let these earrings serve as a reminder that you are perfect exactly as you are. Go out into the world, shine your light and empower others to do the same. Available in silver and gold.