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Sea Road Studio creates jewelry inspired by Mediterranean cultures from the Bronze Age and Antiquity, and was born from owner/maker Jen McCaw’s costume design background and ongoing love affair with ancient history and languages. Sea Road Studio’s pieces are modern talismans and relics; each one rooted in a deep sense of history and place, balanced playfully with a fun, bohemian style.

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Oxidized Silver Lunula Pendant with Lapis

By Sea Road Studio
This lunula ('little moon') pendant is inspired by protective amulets worn by women in ancient Rome. It features a deep blue lapis lazuli with pyrite inclusions and granulation detail. Lapis lazuli has been used in ornamentation since the Neolithic age and is said to bring peace and freedom from negative thought. Sea Road Studio's designs incorporate the ancient techniques of filigree and granulation, inspired by museum pieces and grave finds from the Bronze Age and Antiquity. Many pieces are one of kind with hand-selected stones chosen for their beauty and unique character.