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Portland Razor Co. handcrafts modern straight razors and shaving supplies in Portland, OR using high quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. They supply all of the essential tools and knowledge you need to never throw another razor into the trash again. With the firm belief straight razors can enrich your life beyond providing a terrific shave, Portland Razor Co invites you to experience shaving how it was meant to be. The straight razor demands respect and responsibility: treat the blade well and it will treat you well. Carry this same responsibility with you into the world and wonderful things can happen.

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The Chimera, Straight Razor

By Portland Razor Co

Inspired by traditional Japanese razors, this fixed-blade razor features a Western hollow grind, maple or walnut display stand, and waxed cotton handle wrappings. Handmade in Portland, OR  //  7/8 Fixed-Blade Straight Razor  //  Upper Jimps and Thumb Notch for Added Grip and Control  //  Choice of Red, Black, Green or Blue Waxed Cotton Cord Wrap  //  Quarter-Hollow Ground O1 Carbon Steel  //  Hardened to 62 HRC  //  Shave-Ready: Hand-Honed to 12K Grit and Stropped Before Shipping  //  Hardwood Stand Treated and Sealed with Polyurethane

Each razor is handmade with care and built to order.

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