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Portland Pet Food Company believes you should feed your dog like you feed yourself. We hand roll and cut our dog biscuits and cook all meals from scratch. Over the last two years, our delicious line of dog treats has expanded from biscuits to shelf-stable meal toppers. The first of their kind, these heat-in-the-pouch meal toppers work as dry food toppers, but smaller dogs may enjoy them all on their own! Their lightweight and easy portability make them perfect for camping, backpacking or adventuring with your pup!

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Grain & Gluten-free Bacon Biscuits

By Portland Pet Food Company

Grain & Gluten-free Bacon Biscuits made with fresh Pacific Northwest ingredients. Chunks of bacon mixed with Bob’s Red Mill’s Garbanzo Bean Flour create these delicious dog treats. Great for dogs with allergies, or those on a grain-free diet! Ingredients: Garbanzo Bean Flour, Bacon, Organic Eggs, Water.

No preservatives. No GMOs. No BHA. No BHT. No artificial coloring. No artificial anything. All packaging BPA free.

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