Periodic Edibles
Periodic edibles [Pe] is an artisan cannabis caramel company who started off boot-strapping in the medical market. After gaining their recreational license in 2017 their products are now available in over 150 dispensaries across Oregon. With a family-owned culture and small-batch production methods, [Pe] delivers consistent, repeatable cannabis experiences (made using single source, whole plant canna-butter) packaged in delicious, high quality caramels.

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Active Sea Salt Caramel

By Periodic Edibles

Periodic edibles crafts small-batch cannabis caramels using the Scientific Method to provide consistent and repeatable effects. The Active Sea Salt Caramel features strain-specific, whole plant canna-butter and organic terpenes precisely chosen to deliver uplifting, energizing effects. All Periodic edibles caramels are made with a commitment to quality and a predictable edible experience.