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Made right here in Portland, Oregon – The birthplace of the craft distilling movement. When New Deal Distillery started in 2004, founder Tom Burkleaux and then co-founder, Matthew VanWinkle had a simple business plan: sell one bottle to one stranger off of a liquor store shelf. Tom calls this period “the wilderness”, the time when they began to learn their craft in the smallest licensed distillery in America. The basic formula they used then still holds true today: make it simple, make it right.


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Portland Vodka

By New Deal Distillery

Portland’s original craft vodka, distilled in copper stills and bottled at a higher proof, delivers a clean, classic taste that maintains a distinct character. It stands up to bold mixers, yet is smooth enough for sipping. An exceptional vodka at a reasonable price. “The nose has a slight limestone-like note to it with a slight powdered sugar undertone. Portland Vodka isn’t vapory and has no citrus in the nose. The entry is very soft, round, and sweet with the slightest core of white pepper spice. It’s wonderfully balanced right from the start with a delightful mouthfeel." –

90 Proof | 45% Alcohol by volume | 750 ML and the 1.7L Big Bottle

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