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Handcrafted with love and a focus on children’s innate curiosity and wonder, Mirus Toys believes in learning integrated with imagination and play. Named after Mirus, the Latin word for marvel, this small and attention driven toy company believes that by creating educational and creative toys guided by Montessori and Waldorf principles, children are encouraged to nurture their creativity through play.

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Bird Beak Puzzle


Mirus Toys' Bird Beak Puzzle features 8 beak types and 8 corresponding foods. Kids can match each beak with the food it is designed to eat for a fun, colorful, and interactive learning experience. Colorful pieces are perfect for visual learners. Comes with informational cards and drawstring bag. Constructed of eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced wood in an effort to protect the environments that inspire our toys. 

• Educational and creative toy based on Montessori and Waldorf principles

• Self-correcting design allows your little one to learn by making mistakes