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Welcome to the Makers Quarterly, a digital and print continuation of the book, Portland Made: The Makers of Portland’s Manufacturing Renaissance. Every season we will present nine new stories of makers from a variety of industry sectors. Our first few editions continue to focus on Portland, Oregon. Upcoming editions will feature makers from around the country as America continues to experience rapid growth in small batch making and manufacturing. Producing this magazine has been a team effort, with beautiful writing from Peggy Acott and gorgeous photographs from Aaron Lee.

The term “maker” is quickly becoming one of those oft-repeated buzzwords, like “sustainability” or “farm-to-table.” And, just as some companies have hopped on the green-movement bandwagon and “green-washed” their brand, other companies are starting to do a little maker-washing as well. Here, at Portland Made, we feature the best and brightest from our city. These people and their companies are the backbone of our local economy, and we greatly respect the work they do and the contributions they make to our community and culture.


We have a ton of partnering organizations that help makers and manufacturers through their various stages of growth. Check them out on our website www. The Makers Marketplace features products and companies from around the Portland area. Supporting local makers is great for the economy and we are continuing to quantify that through the Portland Made Survey, the results of which can be found on page 39. Read the stories, analyze the data, and shop Portland Made. We hope you enjoy!


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