Central Eastside is on the map!

September 09, 2017 08:41 PM
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The business association for the Central Eastside (Central Eastside Industrial Council) is publishing a map for the district, and your business could be on it.

Application date newly extended to 9/22/17


Map design – The map will be professionally designed fold-out with your business name and website or telephone number, with an anticipated 150 participating businesses. The map footprint will be I-84 to Powell and Water Ave to 12th.

Distribution – Portland Visitor’s Center, PDX Airport, Portland Night Market, at neighborhood businesses and more.

Qualifying businesses – Any business open to the public, with a storefront and visitor-related (retail, galleries, restaurants, venues, hotels, attractions, etc.)

Copies – 10,000

Projected print date – November 2017

Listing cost – Starting at $170, includes CEIC membership.


Visit www.ceic.cc for more info.

Or contact Kate Merrill kate@ceic.cc