Casting for Nick Offerman & Amy Poehler’s “Handmade”

May 05, 2017 11:20 AM
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Apply to Appear on Nick Offerman & Amy Poehler’s Upcoming “Handmade” TV Show

Accomplished woodworker Nick Offerman and former “Parks and Recreation” co-star Amy Poehler will host “The Handmade Project,” a competition series for makers. Slated to run on NBC for six episodes, the show is meant to “[celebrate] artisanship and the makers who can create amazing things with their hands … and a few tools too.”Let’s see if you fit the bill:

Each week eight of America’s best all-around makers, from all walks of life, will undertake a series of projects they must complete in their own unique way with the hopes of impressing Poehler, Offerman and our expert judges. Over the course of each episode, the contestants must tackle a different theme, hand-making items in different disciplines — the difficulty of which increase as the competition unfolds. Shot in a serene outdoor setting, this friendly competition will ultimately crown a winner at the end of the six-week journey, but the series will focus on the characters and camaraderie of those who enjoy creating their own crafts, all under the comedic guidance of Poehler and Offerman.

Participants of all ages — many of whom are eager to share their craft making skills on social media — will be featured on the series with skill sets as wide-ranging as woodwork, quilting, knitting, scrapbooking, cake decorating, metal work, doll making and general crafting. Artisans and makers of any type or any creative person who loves making things by hand are welcome.

If it sounds like it’s up your alley, the show is currently seeking participants. I checked out the application and they are doing some serious due diligence: The application is 102 items long and features in-depth questions about the type of work you do and tools you use. It also requires a three-minute video of you. Check it out here.

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